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when i was little i understood, without anyone telling me, that humans made stories and relationships with stars because that’s where we had come from +++ growing, i learned to identify constellations and wandering deities cloaked in their bright capes of shimmering light and i enjoyed learning all of their different names and characteristics and i heard stories of star people and i learned that all the iron in our blood (all of it!) comes from ancestor stars +++ later i was distressed by the materialistic skepticism and gloomy determinism and boring conformity of western astrology (and, well, everything else) and i eventually found my way to what i call star poetry +++ this practice is rooted in creative experimentation, metaphor, play, curiosity, possibility, subjectivity, and embodied poetics and it is my way of explaining what i do

Olivia Pepper

Star Poetry is a multifaceted Astrological project started in 2020 by Charlie Cross and Olivia Pepper. We offer regular classes, trialogue readings, and are working towards a book series.

Star Poetry is a multifaceted Astrological project started in 2020 by Charlie Cross and Olivia Pepper. We offer regular classes, trialogue readings, and are working towards a podcast and book series.

Trialogue Readings are a novel approach to natal chart consultations. While most readings are done in one on one settings, trialogue readings provide an opportunity for more perspective, shoring up blind spots and giving extra, nuanced emphasis where necessary. So far, all parties involved have found these to be incredible ways of engaging with a chart and guiding an individual through their stage of life.

The Planetary Class Series is a set of regularly occurring classes covering contemporary planetary circumstances and highlighting particular astrological archetypes. Weaving between astronomy, myth, traditional astrological signification, psychomagical remediatory approaches and embodied astrology activities, these classes are a full-spectrum activation of the planetary energies at play. Although some of these classes only have flavor and punch in the season they are activated, others are more timeless in their nature, and these are for sale.

A course for artists and creatives who wish to make creativity a regular part of their lives this fall.

The Artist’s Way is a beloved and renowned 12-week course focused on cultivating creativity through spirituality and inner work. For three decades, it has provided a structure for creatives the world over to unblock themselves. Astrology (or as we call it, Star Poetry) can do much of the same thing. Ancient forms of astrology understood themselves to map an individual’s relationship to their daimon or muse.

This fall, we’ll lead our second cohort in a class series bringing these two traditions together. The Artist’s Way is often suggested to be undertaken as a part of a group – it can be a demanding and challenging path, and doing this work within a community can be incredibly supportive. We see Star Poetry being a further support in helping folks understand the contours and rhythms of their creative self. Although this course is structured with complete novices in mind, we also trust that more advanced astrologers or veterans of the Artist’s Way will unlock new approaches to each tradition.

We’ll meet for twelve Fridays, honoring Venus. In these sessions, we’ll discuss the tasks and ideas of each chapter of the Artist’s Way, mapping them to astrological principles and forecasting the week ahead.

Alongside our weekly meetings, we will also have a Google Classroom to share supplemental materials, converse about different topics and experiences encountered through the course, and connect. We’ll have periodic office hours after class for questions about astrology and will do our best to be responsive to the Google Classroom as well.

Fridays, 1-2:30 PM, CST – October 6 – December 22.

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