Olivia and Charlie host regular classes on different contemporary planetary circumstances through the lens of Star Poetry.

Charting the Artist’s Way

Exploring Creativity thru Star Poetry

The Artist’s Way is a beloved and renowned 12-week course focused on cultivating creativity through spirituality and inner work. For three decades, it has provided a structure for creatives the world over to unblock themselves. 

Astrology (or as we call it, Star Poetry) can do much of the same thing. Beyond charting the rhythms and unfolding of a person’s destiny, ancient forms of astrology understood themselves to map an individual’s relationship to their daimon or muse – the integrated source of their multifaceted creative spark. 

This fall, we’ll lead our second cohort in a class series bringing these two traditions together. The Artist’s Way is often suggested to be undertaken as a part of a group – it can be a demanding and challenging path, and doing this work within a community can be incredibly supportive. We see Star Poetry being a further support in helping folks understand the contours and rhythms of their creative self. Likewise, this is a course to experientially learn about astrology – but no prior experience with either the Artist’s Way or Astrology is necessary. Although this course is structured with complete novices in mind, we also know that more advanced astrologers or veterans of the Artist’s Way will unlock new approaches to each tradition.

We’ll meet for twelve Fridays, honoring Venus, the planet responsible for our experience of creativity, pleasure, and connection. Each week, we’ll tie the themes of the chapter to a different planet and speak about the astrology of the week ahead. We have found this structure to help us work with the major planetary dynamics coloring our experience and fuel our experiments in creative living. These sessions will also create a container in which to undertake and deepen some of the tasks of the course.

Alongside our weekly meetings, we’ll also host regular office hours, in which we’ll be available to look at charts and explore different astrological and creative questions. We will also have a Google Classroom to share supplemental materials, converse about different topics and experiences encountered through the course, and share what we’ve created.

We are offering this course on a sliding scale – between $180 and $540, which averages out to $15-45 per class. Please pay what feels accessible, equitable, and good for you.

Fridays, 1-2:30 PM, CST – October 6 – December 22.