Trialogue Readings

A novel approach to natal chart readings.

Typical astrology readings are one on one encounters and therefore subject to the biases and specialties of one person. In a Trialogue, more space is present to triangulate clear calculations and directions for remediations. What was a back-and-forth can turn into a spiraling momentum.

Having offered these sessions to students for two years, we have found this to be an extremely magical form to engage astrology.

Trialogue readings last about an hour and are offered on a sliding scale. Pay for a reading below (we’ll get back to you about setting up a date ASAP), or you can send us an email at and

Here is a guide to how you might decide how much to pay:

Consider paying the Patron Rate if you have access to financial security, such as any of the following – you own property, have savings, have investments, have retirement accounts, inheritance, are able to travel recreationally without creating financial strain, have access to family money and resources, work part-time by choice, or choose not to work.

Consider paying the Standard Rate if imagining paying the full price deters you from participating, but you know you are not in need of a significant reduction in cost. You may fall in this category if you have access to steady income and are not struggling to make all your regular payments each month. 

Consider paying near the Reduced Rate if your circumstances prevent you from accessing services due to financial hardship.  If you struggle to meet some of your basic needs such as food, shelter, medical care, or child care, you very likely belong on this end of the payment scale. 

Operating on a sliding scale enables us to continue to serve our wide range of clients and students. Thanks for your support!