Star Poetry: the Asteroid Goddesses

Star Poetry: the Asteroid Goddesses



Between Mars and Jupiter is a belt of asteroids, or better, an ocean of asteroids. There is a nearly uncountable number of them, with almost any name you can imagine. Once upon a time, these asteroids may have constituted a great planet, perhaps the body of a Goddess of a time far past, destroyed by some cosmic terror of a comet.

Though they are legion, the four largest asteroids stand out – Athena, Juno, Ceres, and Vesta, who splashed onto the astronomical-astrological scene together in the early 1800s, disrupting the mostly-masculine constitution of the solar system and providing characters and characteristics for aspects of the feminine not easily encapsulated by the Moon and Venus.

Together, these four asteroids create a sort of mandala of the Sacred Feminine. In this class series, we honor each of these faces of the Goddess, within and without. We’ll explore the myth, psychology, and poetic ritual of each of these planetary bodies, and speak to their specific placements and spectrum of expressions.


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